best digital marketing strategist in calicut

Digital Marketing Mentor in Kerala

Digital Marketing Mentor in Kerala

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Sulthan Salavudheen.


Digital Marketing Mentor in Kerala


Best Digital Marketing Mentor in Kerala

I’m Sulthan Salavudheen, a seasoned Digital Marketing Mentor in Kerala. With a year of hands-on experience in digital marketing, I’ve empowered clients to boost profits leveraging tools like paid ads, social media campaigns, and WhatsApp marketing. My mission is to foster online business growth and foster connections with new clientele. I thrive on crafting innovative ideas and harnessing popular strategies to elevate social media presence. As a trusted Digital Marketing Mentor in Kerala, I’m committed to delivering exceptional guidance to my clients.


Businesses I've Engaged With


What I Provide as a Digital Marketing Mentor?

Social Media Marketing

As a digital marketing mentor in Kerala, I excel in guiding businesses to connect with their target audience across popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Whatsapp Marketing

As a digital marketing mentor in Kerala, I assist clients in reaching their target audience through WhatsApp marketing, meticulously crafting and managing personalized WhatsApp campaigns.

Performance Marketing

I guide businesses in Kerala to accomplish their marketing goals through performance marketing. I efficiently target your audience to produce measurable results.

Google Ads

I aid businesses in Kerala in reaching their target audience through Google Ads. Google Ads allows businesses to display their offerings, services, deals, and product lists to online users.

Facebook Ads

As a digital marketing mentor in Kerala, I focus on utilizing Facebook ads to assist businesses in achieving their marketing objectives through performance marketing.

Instagram Ads

As a digital marketing mentor in Kerala, I specialize in guiding businesses towards their marketing objectives through performance marketing on Instagram. I guarantee tangible results for your campaigns.


Why Should You Consider Hire Me

Digital Marketing Mentor in Kerala

As a business owner, you might question how a Digital Marketing Mentor can enhance your business. I can help in crafting and implementing social media strategies to connect with your target audience, customer relationships, and boost sales.

My Skill Set

Social Media Marketing
Performance Marketing
Whatsapp Marketing
Meta Ads
Google Ads

"People Around Me"

muhammed dhilshad
Muhammed Dhilshad Senior Web Developer

To Whom It May Concern, I am pleased to write this letter to highly endorse Sulthan for his outstanding proficiency as a Digital Marketing Mentor. Sulthan has consistently exhibited an impressive degree of commitment in his endeavors, rendering him an indispensable contributor to any projects.

vivek thandiakkal
Vivek Thandiakkal Senior SEO Analyst

I enthusiastically endorse Sulthan as a digital marketing mentor for any organization aiming to boost its online presence and attain outstanding outcomes. His expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment render him an invaluable, and I am thankful for the chance to collaborate with him.

hamzad basheer
Hamzad Basheer Founder & CEO Dotin academy

Sulthan is truly an exceptional digital marketing mentor. His unparalleled talent for crafting effective strategies and driving results is unmatched. Working closely with him has been undeniably transformative for our business. I highly recommend Sulthan for his outstanding and unparalleled expertise in digital marketing.


The best digital marketing strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is promoting products or services using digital technologies.


Social media marketing is promoting brands and products through social media platforms.


Social media marketing is dynamic and constantly changing, yet it offers fulfilling career opportunities for those passionate about social media and equipped with the necessary skills.

As a social media marketer, my tasks include:

  • Crafting and overseeing social media content
  • Interacting with users across social platforms
  • Strategizing and implementing social media marketing initiatives
  • Investigating and interpreting social media trends
  • Budgeting and managing resources for social media endeavors
  • Establish and maintain social media profiles
  • Develop and implement campaigns
  • Generate and distribute content
  • Interact with followers
  • Monitor and analyze social media metrics

The fees charged by a freelance digital marketing mentor in Kerala can fluctuate based on factors such as experience, skills, project scope, and desired outcomes. These elements influence the overall cost of hiring.

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